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C16200 Cadmium Copper

CuCd1-UNS.C16200 Cadmium Copper alloy offers a unique combination of high tensile strength and high electrical conductivity for an industry where these properties are generally considered incompatible. The nominal composition of 99.0% copper and 1.0% cadmium can lead to these unique properties.
The cadmium noticeably increases the copper's strength and resistance to softening and stress relaxation with minimal decrease in its electrical conductivity.  It also produces an alloy noted for its malleability and toughness and spring quality.


Form:Wire, bar, plate, sheet, strip, Shapes

Chemical Composition:
Cd: 0.70-1.20%
Fe: 0.02% Max.
Cu: Reminder

Typical Physical Properties:

Density at 68°F: 0.321 Lbs./In.3
Specific Gravity: 8.90
Melting Point (Liquidus): 1076°C (1969°F)
               (Solidus): 1030°C (1886°F)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion per °F: 9.8 x 10-6 (77-212°F)
Electrical Conductivity at 68°F (volumetric): 90% IACS (aged and drawn)
Thermal Conductivity Btu/ft.2/ft./hr./°F at 68°F: 208
Modulus of Elasticity - Tension: 17,000 ksi
1). the units are based upon US Customary.
2). the typical physical properties apply to age hardened products. 

International Specification/Production Standards: 
Rods/Bars/Wires: UNS.C16200, CDA 162, ASTM B105, SAE J 461 & 463 
European Standards: CuCd1, DIN 17666