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C72900 Copper Nickel Tin Alloy 

C72900 is a spinodally hardened copper nickel tin alloy with strength and hardness equivalent to Alloy 25. It has exceptional tarnish resistance at room temperature, and its corrosion resistance is even greater than that of Alloy 25 . It is used for heavily loaded bushings or bearings commonly found in aircraft, off-road equipment and industrial machinery. It is often used for sour oilfield service. 


  • Excellent bearing performance
  • High stiffness ratio
  • Excellent Machine-ability
  • High strength
  • Excellent corrosion and erosion resistance
  • Non-magnetic

Specifications: AMS 4596, AMS 4597, AMS 4598, AMS 4595, BMS 7-373, AIMS 02-04-002