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Focus on Copper Alloy 


The dispersion strengthened copper is primarily designed for applications requiring the highest electrical and thermal conductivities along with good elevated temperature strength. The dispersion strengthened copper has excellent cold working characteristics, and can be drawn into fine wire or rolled into thin sheets.

The dispersion strengthened copper is recommended for hybrid circuit package components; vacuum tube, microwave tube, and X-ray tube components such as anodes, grids, cathodes, helixes, and heat sinks; electrical components such as circuit breakers, relay blades, and switches, rotating equipment components such as commutators, electric generator and motor components, and brush springs; and high power magnet windings.

The dispersed Al2O3 is thermally stable so that it acts to retard re-crystallization of the copper. Consequently, significant softening does not occur as the result of high temperature exposure. Along with superior strength retention, thermal and electrical conductivities are higher than conventional copper alloys.